About the author and Binwell
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Binwell’s Guide

Software Design of Mobile Applications

This guide will cover documentation required for painless development of mobile applications. With samples on Xamarin.Forms

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About the author and Binwell

At Binwell, we create mobile applications and cloud-based services using Xamarin and Azure. We develop the full cycle: business analytics, design, coding, testing, publishing, and development. The key activities are: implementation of complex solutions based on cloud and mobile technologies, as well as implementation of integration projects based on Azure cloud platform. We focused on the .NET stack, we are Microsoft Azure Partner and Xamarin Certified Partner.
Slava Chernikoff is the head of the development department at Binwell, as well as a Microsoft MVP and Xamarin Certified Developer. He has been awarded the status of Qt Certified Specialist, Qt Ambassador and Nokia Champion. He came to the mobile sphere in 2005 as the author and editor of the portal Ladoshki.com, than was the head of the iPAQ Choice project (an HP project for iPAQ handheld owners), and since 2008 has returned to programming, focusing on Qt. He\'s participated in over 40 mobile applications projects and games for iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian, and Maemo/Meego as a developer, analyst and architect. He is the author of popular articles about Xamarin and Mobile DevOps.
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